Jack Levy Design







These are just a few of the words that characterize Jack Levy's interior design work. His New York City-based design firm, Jack Levy Design, is known for its ability to draw on Levy's vast knowledge of art, architecture and fashion that imbues his work with a simple luxury that makes the spaces he designs luxurious yet eminently livable. His career in design has spanned over fifteen years, and Levy has been nationally recognized for his high-end residential, corporate and commercial design projects.

Levy bends the rules of traditional design and individualizes his spaces by taking what would normally be expected and twisting the predicted result. There is no formula to a Jack Levy Design space; instead each environment thoroughly reflects its owner and subtly reveals itself in multifaceted layers. Modern shapes are juxtaposed by silk velvets, while a casual burlap might just as easily be found dressing down a Louis XVI Bergere chair. Each space he designs is multidimensional and Levy employs all potential elements color, shape, texture, periodto achieve his effectunderstated drama that is as easy on the eye as it is to live in.

But beyond that deceptive ease lies the real secret to a Jack Levy designed space;. a complex web of elements employed to make Levy's environments rich and enveloping. Two consistent underlying inspirations throughout his body of work is a reliance on visual references from his vast travels, as well as his admiration for natural beauty, from the calming colors of water to the range of vivid hues that envelop a fall tree.

Levy’s background in finance and fashion just adds to the toolbox of skills he brings to the table for each and every project, giving him a facility with more complicated aspects of interior residential design. This level of artistry has, in turn, been recognized by publications such as House & Garden, Traditional Home, Veranda, Interior Design, American Way and the New York Times. His work has been featured prominently at the Kips Bay Showhouses, Elle Décor’s Diffa dinners and The Traditional Homes “Built for Women” Showhouses.